Ryan Flips the Furniture


Ryan is a retail sales guy. He told me something I will never forget. As we stood on the sales floor looking at all the motion furniture with 300ez inside he said, “I would say 75 to 80 percent of our customers care about quality more than anything else.”

I believe this. Nobody wants to deal with a broken mechanism. Furniture is heavy and hard to move. Once you get something in your house, you don’t want to deal with driving it back to the store and waiting around on the repair. No fun. And that’s why Ryan’s customers care so much about quality.

Ryan is the same guy that flips over the chair to show customers the mechanism. He believes in strength, ease of use, and quality construction. And he probably goes for the flipping move because the retailer equipped him with knowledge about the mechanisms. His company trains all its employees. That’s because most retailers know that quality on the inside leads to fewer returns and repairs. That leads to happy customers. When I asked about returns and repairs, he said, “We’ve never had a Leggett & Platt product returned.”

Before our conversation ended, Ryan asked for more information about our products. Well here you go Ryan – check out the new HomeFurnitureComponents.com website. There you’ll find information about 300ez, along with specs and information for most of our products.

The Power Potion for Sales

As I powered back in my recliner to re-watch “The Men Who Built America” on the History Channel, I was reminded of my third and fourth favorite thinkers from the past. Right behind J.P. Leggett and C.B Platt, I am most fascinated by Thomas Edison and Andrew Carnegie. The reason is simple:_MG_0871 copy because of their contributions (to electricity and steel) your customers can sit and recline at the touch of  a button. You see, motion furniture mechanisms like 300ez are made of steel and 300ez is also available in a power version. It’s quite the combo.

Why does this matter to you? Power motion is a hot category. It’s easy to sell. And these products increase your ticket prices.

Here are some tips on selling power motion furniture. Don’t screw it up – that’s tip number zero.

  1. Compare power features to those found on an automobile. Vehicles have had power seats for years. It’s time for customer to add this convenience to their home furniture.
  2. Older customers with mobility issues won’t have to worry about having enough strength to open or close a chair. Granted, 300ez is easy to open and close, but if they have medical issues or injuries a power version will only make relaxing that much easier.
  3. The cord problem isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days when bulky hardwired remotes were the only option for controlling the furniture. Buttons and controls are much more hidden. Also, plugging into a wall outlet is becoming a thing of the past. Battery packs are available for power motion furniture. Tell your customers they can skip that trip to the hardware store for a new extension cord.
  4. Even though it’s powered, the 300ez is strong and durable. Remember, Leggett & Platt tested it at 300 pounds for 25,000 cycles. It’s going to last.

As you can see, power motion furniture should be easy to sell. And who knows, in 100 years the History Channel might make a television show about how you changed America. It’s unlikely, but aim high.

The Simplest Way to Sell Motion Furniture

During the first Bush administration, I spent a great deal of time outdoors, soaking up the sun. Tracking mule deer and elk. Drinking in the glory of Mother Nature. But when the elk population started approaching endangered status, the state of Colorado banned me. That’s when I went on a mission. I started visiting retail stores, looking at motion furniture. Learning the secrets of selling. It was during this journey into the underworld of retail that I learned the best way to sell quality motion furniture. Two simple words you must say to every customer: try it.

Okay, so it’s not really a secret. But even though it’s simple, it works. When heavy-boy Stan comes into your store wanting a recliner that’s strong tell him to try it. Get a feel. Then if he wants proof, flip it. Show him the mechanism. If you’re selling chairs with 300ez, point out the improved linkage in high-stress areas.

What if Grandma Betty wants a motion sofa that’s easy to operate? Tell her to try it. She’ll feel the ease. The 300ez has smooth activation that makes it easy to open and close. And being able to close the mechanism is extremely important for smaller individuals like Grandma Betty. Closing the ottoman should be almost effortless and the 300ez goes down smooth as elk butter. Just the way I planned it. Grandma Betty will be drifting off to dreamland without a worry in the world. And during the sale, while you’re helping out, she might even give you some hard candy. Never know.

Customers want proof. When it comes to selling motion furniture, have them try it. Smells like a winning strategy to me, especially if you’re selling products with 300ez.


The Drawbacks of Selling Knock-Offs

Ever had to deal with crappy customer service? It stinks worse than old Chinese food cartons. You may remember Carol bought a cheap knock-off purse and spent 74 minutes on hold trying to get customer service. That’s one of the drawbacks of buying a knock-off. You never know whom you’llrecliner mechanism have to deal with, or if you’ll even get through at all.

Beyond dealing with the bad customer service you often endure after buying a foreign knock-off, don’t you want to put your name on a quality product? Yes. The answer is yes. When you buy quality products, worries tend to disappear. But if you are anxious like me, there’s another benefit to selling Leggett & Platt mechanisms.

Think about your time zone for a minute. Look at the clock. Now guess what? A Leggett & Platt representative is living and working in your time zone. If anything happens, we have people ready to help. And our distribution centers are located in places like Tupelo, Mississippi – not Timbuktu.

At Leggett & Platt we pride ourselves on selling the highest quality mechanisms at great prices. Retailers want to put their name on a product that will last. Your reputation is on the line with every sale. The new 300ez series mechanism is top-notch. Built strong. Human weight tested at 300 pounds for 25,000 cycles.

If you’re not already selling motion furniture with 300ez, ask your rep about it. Send him or her a link to my website, LPCycleMan.com. From there they can get in touch with a person from Leggett & Platt.

By the way, Carol gave up knock offs. Follow suit.

A Tale of Two Bettys (and Scott Baio)

A recliner return is the last thing you want to deal with.

Picture this: Grandma Betty leaves with a smile after purchasing a new chair. A week later you get a call. The chair is difficult for Betty to use. She kicked back for an episode of Dancing with the Once Famous and got stuck. Against her will Betty had to watch Scott Baio pirouette across the ReclinerMechanismfloor in leather pants. Joanie may love Chachi, but Betty don’t. It was filth. And it’s all your fault. You sold her a chair with a knock-off mechanism. How could you?

Now consider a different scenario.

Betty buys a chair with the easy-to-operate 300ez recliner mechanism. She reclines and settles in for the evening. Scott Baio walks onto the dance floor in his leather pants. Horrified, Betty easily comes up from the reclined position, grabs the remote, and changes over to Lifetime television. Then she calls her best friend Gloria and tells her to avoid Dancing with the Once Famous. Betty also tells Gloria about her great new chair and how easy it is to use – and then recommends Gloria come see you. Betty takes a sip of Earl Grey tea with a smidge of organic honey. She then opens the ottoman with ease and enjoys the movie.

Which scenario sounds better? Do you want a happy Betty who sends business your way? Or a sad Betty forced to watch Scott Baio in leather pants? Make sure you’re selling 300ez.

Tips on Selling to Heavy People Like Stan

You’ve probably been there: a large man, not unlike Stan, comes into your store looking for a recliner. There’s an unspoken exchange. He needs a chair that’s strong. Sure, you may hem-haw around about fabric and color, but he isn’t buying a chair unless it’s strong. And recliners aren’t 300ez2strong unless they’re built on top of a high-quality mechanism like my 300ez. It’s the new standard. And it’s easier to sell because there’s a mountain of proof behind the strength.

We weight-tested with real humans at 300 pounds. Look at episode number four, where Stan paid me a visit. Human testing is important. When using a recliner in the real world you lean to reach for the release, putting extra pressure on one side of the component. I wanted each cycle – all 25,000 – to be just like real life.

When Big Stan comes into your store, grab a chair with 300ez and flip it over. Show him the mechanism, and explain that it’s weight-tested at 300 pounds. Before you know it he’ll be back in his living room, dining on a fine elk steak, cheering his favorite team.

You don’t want to deal with returns because a mechanism breaks. I have tested 300ez to ensure it is strong. Now get out there and sell to heavy people. You will feel confident. And confidence tastes better than elk jerky. Almost.